Cremation FAQ

We only offer PRIVATE cremation to our walk-in customers. Private cremation is a process during which only one pet's body is ever present in the chamber during the cremation process.
Our standard private cremation process takes 5-7 business days. Same day or next day services are available with an additional fee.
Cremation is a high intensity heating process that reduces a pet to its bones. These are then processed, packaged and sealed. There are several types of cremation that most pet cemeteries offer, but at SVPC we ONLY offer private cremation. When the cremains are ready to go home you will receive a call from our office. At that point you can: - Pick up the cremains from our office during business hours - Have the cremains mailed/delivered back to your home or office (additional fees apply), or - If you do not wish to have your pet returned to you, we can place them in our scatter garden.
SVPC has many procedures that assure that your pet is privately cremated and returned to you. When a pet comes into our facility, it receives a label with an identification number and barcode that is then scanned into our computer system. This system is linked to our video surveillance. From that point, each key step in the process is scanned and tracked with the date, time and person performing the service. As needed (for up to 10 days) we can rewind the video recording to review your private cremation. We work very hard to assure that each pet is not only cremated privately, but returned to you in a timely manner.
Yes. There is the option with an additional fee and scheduled appointment to see the full process. Full viewing will allow you to see the entire process form start to finish.