Once your pet has arrived to our facility, a burial can be arranged. The first step is deciding roughly where in the cemetery you would like your pet to rest. We then review our plot system in our computer to see if there is a plot available in your chosen section. If there is, we will assign your pet that space and open up the plot is preparation for a burial. If there is not a space in that section, we will find one as close as possible to your chosen section. The next step is choosing a date and time for your burial. We also need to know how many people will be attending, and if we need to make any special preparations, such as setting up a table or providing a tarp. On the day of the burial, we will have everything ready and you have the option of viewing your pet in our chapel or beside the burial plot before the burial actually begins. We will customize the service to your needs, as we understand everybody is different and may prefer different things. We offer various packaged services from basic to VIP for you to choose from.
Of course. We do not require headstones in our cemetery, but we do encourage them. They are the perfect way to commemorate your family member.
The pet cemetery is protected by an endowment care fund that will support operations well into the future. SVPC is the only permanently zoned pet cemetery in San Diego County.
Yes, please click on the YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGooaC1h8E4&feature=youtu.be